23 Comments on "Ricky Ponting PISSED OFF by Young Debut Srilankan Bowler Eranga"

  1. Lol you seem happy enough to use English inventions like the INTRNATZ!!!!!!!

  2. I think you need to know more about cricket before you make biased comments like this.

  3. BTW are you a pakistani? If so why the hell are you even commenting on cricket and not hiding in a hole somewhere.

  4. Did Amateur Glenn Maxwell respect Mahela Jayawardena who have scored more than 10,000 runs in both formats? Not to mention the 2nd highest run scorer in T20 Internationals.

  5. Ponting’s bat is in his left hand well grounded behind the line. No wonder he is upset about being hit by the ball

  6. Who the Fuck said Gilchrist cheated..? Is he was cheating he wont be showing it.. plus no Srilankan can even be a match up to Gilchrist and M. Hayden. The best thing a Srilankan is good is at finding faults.. They couldn’t win the title.. so they named Gilchrist a cheater just to came them happy.. What a loser

  7. look mate u cheaters do this every time some country visit Australia. They even cheat 2012/13 SL tour in Aus where a slight drizzle of less than half an hour and they couldnt start the game in so called SCG.. when anyone clearly understand that SL having the upper hand.. but in MCG t20 they manage to start BY A MIRACLE… Lol when they think they can easily win it… but SL team make sure give the loosers what they ddeserve… !!!

  8. u r wrong… u cant say gilchrist didnt cheat… hes the biggest  cheater hiding a squash ball in his batting glove to grip the handle well in that world cup final.. and not only ponting a such a looser all the ausies except Mike Hussy …such a gentleman

  9. English people only got their civilization through the Romans. That is why especially lower class English people write and speak such poor and derogatory language, which is a disgrace to civilized people and society. 

  10. I am very disappointed with the issue of skin complexion being referred as ‘nigger’ in regard to video clip, as skin complexion only skin deep, and what is wrong in being black. Even if white or black is stated fine, but the word ‘nigger’ only reflects the lower standing of the individual stating such an inappropriate word in writing.

  11. what the fuck are you talking about? the bowler in this video is a nigger! he’s soo black as midnight he could be a traffic light fuckin black dog.

  12. In this Stone Age it is politically and principally to use the word ‘nigger’ is totally out of bounce, even though Sinhalese people in Sri Lanka, including the bowler Eranga who is a Sinhalese think that Tamils are black Dravidians and that they are Arians by race, irrespective of their skin complexion. To me this is more of a problem, especially in today’s age of political correctness or so called political correctness, even though the word nigger is totally unacceptable under any condition.

  13. What exactly are you complaining about? something about Dumkunt Donuts? or Jersey City maybe. Or maybe your complaining about being a Indian or is it Americans your got a problem with. Not exactly sure what your talking about. I am from England as it happens. I suspect your issue is with the clown 54dann who posted the language you took offence with,

  14. He probably couldn’t see the nigger running into bowl camouflaged with the pitch black night sky and the lights aren’t that much help when your skin looks crisp burnt. Ponting probably was thinking how did this world vision sponsored guy start playing cricket? they probably started feeding him for his talents but I’d say he got lucky here and used the night sky to camouflage himself to get a wicket. He maybe a nigger but a very impressive technique indeed.

  15. I AM an indian myself and I guess you are one of those low class dunkin donuts employees who live in Jersey city with 7 roommates and probably in the U.S Illegaly as well 🙂 🙂 ( going by ur unsporting and besharam language)

  16. Got no problem with him boiling over a few times – that is part of the game and the authorities deal with it. The problem I have with him is claiming a couple of catches which blatantly weren’t – either he didn’t know the laws of the game (which is criminal in an international captain) or he was claiming a catch knowing it not to be one – which is even worse. Great batsman though.

  17. Win for his country by any means including cheating may i add.
    Do not get offended.Great aussies like Bradman,Beanud,Neil Harvey,and recently Gilchrist always played to win with sportsmanship.
    For your information they played a game called CRICKET.

  18. Ponting is a great batsman but he thinks he can never get out

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