25 Comments on "Peter Siddle with Delhi’s Cricket Impressionist"

  1. wow!!! Haha. this is soo funny. some of these impressionists get a spot on imitation act together… Very entertaining.

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  2. I am surprised he can remember the Aussie bowler’s celebrations! They haven’t been needed for a while!

  3. Thats how we are involved in cricket
    i dont support any other game than cricket
    australia is the team i like most after india

  4. Hahahaha!
    I’m from India and LIVE IN DELHI!
    That was freakin’ hillarious!
    I laughed really hard at Brett Lee and Ricky Ponting one!
    That midget(No offense intended) is really good at it!

  5. This is why Peter Siddle became a cricketer …. because he cant speak properly.

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