Zoysa hits Back at Aussies Blaming Pitch for Loss

The head of the pitch making at the SSC ground, Zoysa, reckons the Aussies are highly annoyed to be trailed by 2 games to none and just to defend themselves, they are blaming everything.

The Aussies have had a lot of things to lament during the test series so far. First of all, they are unhappy that the tracks they have been asked to practice on have a lot of green tinge on them and they can’t be ideally prepared for the games practicing on those tracks as the tracks on which the games are played happen to be hundred per cent barren and behave totally differently to how the green tracks behave.

Apart from that, in Colombo where they are presently playing the third game, they have not been given the permission to have their fielding, catching and wicket-keeping drills in the area they wanted and they have had to do that on other side and they haven’t appreciated that.

They have also moaned about the Lankan pitches breaking far too quicker than they should and believe that certain parts of the playing surface are left half-prepared so that they can break early and the bowling unit of the hosts which banks on spin can be in an advantageous position.

But, as per De Zoysa, it’s only frustration which is causing them whine. Watching how Sri Lanka had suffered on English soil, the Kangaroos would have imagined it to be a steamroller against a team of rookie players which it has not happened to be and they cannot digest it.

Australia will be batting for survival once again tomorrow at SSC and in case they are unsuccessful in batting out the day, it will be a clean sweep, a first for them versus Lanka.