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  1. @haibro whats the use of being the best if you are cheating?like taking steroids and running like ben jhonson with a world record?anyway,onting is good but not the best. In terms of technique many bowlers have disected ponting already and not many people rate ponting’s technique as the best…they usually give that honour to brian lara or sachin tendulkar

  2. @mumbaiindianspollock cut it out buddy…its skill and technique that ponting is praised for….u can talk abt personal traits somewhere else..

  3. @CFAN123 mike hussey was once called mr cricket.not anymore..he was a seasoned batsmen…opposition did not know what his weaknesses were..so it took time…now everyone knows about his flaws in his technique..and that why his average is droppind so badly..go check out hussey’s average in odis 2 years ago..it was 60+..besides,ponting is a known cheat..even during batting or fielding..no cricketer in the world has commended ponting for his spirit or dignity..many praise sachin for his honour

  4. @ewhi1 your ponting’s average was at 20 before this game even after 7 games…now that sucks….sachin was averaging over 60…thats consistency…he was under pressure to retain his captaincy…so he had to do something..india’s bowling is not something really good…go look at the shots sachin played in that game…class…ponting was given not out by the umpire for an lbw when he was on 94…he was lucky..if not he wont have scored than century.even bradman said sachin reminded him of himself

  5. @ewhi1 even your don bradman named sachin as his successor.shane warne named sachin the greatest,and ponting was not even no. 2. Sachin stated to play at 16.Do you have any idea,what it takes to enter a national side at that age in a criket crazy nation of population 1 billion+?..and the pressure he had and has is nothing compared to what lara or ponting would have ever faced…this was said by matthew hayden himself…if sachin was an aussie,he would have done much better due 2 lack of pressure

  6. @CFAN123 mike hussey started to play international cricket after 30…he was late in entering the national side…so his average is surprising..sachin entered the national side at 16…dude he was not exposed sufficiently to world class bolwers…so his average was low till he was around 20…after he matured mentally and physically, his average was so damm high…and mike hussey’s average was 70+ in tests once..now it has dropped to 50+..his odi average has been dropping drastically as well

  7. @gtsgtsgt You are a complete loser mate. Remind me never to come to your shit country.

  8. ok guys ive posted the “commentary” version of this vid on youtube. its just getting processed. thats a better quality too

  9. @ewhi1 first of all thank you for the complements, we are really good at curling and ice skating, and even in cricket our part time players made up ofgrocery workers or taxi drivers manage to win games in the world cup is a very big accomplishment

  10. @mumbaiindianspollock what you mean get my facts right? Your bringing a whole lot of unnecessary things that had nothing to do with the original argument, The original was comparing 2-3 INDIVIDUAL innings. And secondly by saying that 175 was hardly bragging rights i was complementing sehwag being a top batsmen.
    actually mike hussey averages 51 in ODI sachin averages 45, and sachin only averages 3 more than punter in test and 2.5 more in ODI cricket hardly “far more”.

  11. @mumbaiindianspollock yeh, this was in a world cup final you fkn moron. Ponting plays well in the big games, stands up when his country needs him. Sewag and Tendulkar score runs in games that mean fuck all. Ponting is the greatest batsman for the last 50 years.

  12. @josetitus Ponting cut loose on your bowling attack. He is the greatest batsman who ever lived, bar Bradman. Plays well in big games, cant say the same for Tendulkar who couldnt go on with it…

  13. @gtsgtsgt you fail at being a nation that plays cricket. Fkn joke that you cunts were even allowed to rock up to the world cup. Stick to your curling and ice skating. poof!

  14. @mumbaiindianspollock, u idiot have u seen how many matches he has played and anyways sachin looks like a squashed crap

  15. @CFAN123 200 was against the strong southafricans…and sachin has a far better average than your whole australian team,and certainly ponting in both tests and odis…so shut up…and he is the leading scorer in the world cup 2011…ur ponting was averaging 18 before the indian game…sachin was the leading scorer in all world cups ,and in a single world cup tournament, in 2003, he scored 650+ runs,which is still a record that is not broken…go get ur facts right

  16. @mumbaiindianspollock the 175 was against a weak bangladesh, hardly bragging rights for a top batsmen. and punters 140* was in the World Cup final.

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