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West Indies star Kieron Pollard is on incredible form. He is at his peak and he has been brilliant since the start of the 2017 Indian Premier League season.

Many did not expect this much from him, giving his recent performances against Pakistan and in the KFC Big Bash League. However, his top form has made Australian cricket legend Ricky Pontingterm him one of the best ever players of the T20.

The former coach praised the finishing ability of Ponting in the IPL after he West Indian star did an innings of70 from 47 balls in the game against Royal Challengers Bangalore. His teammate Mitchell McClenaghan labelled the extraordinary innings “one of the best I’ve seen.” The Mumbai star started the season with mixed fate but his display earned the admiration of the entire league.

“[Pollard and Rohit] are two of the best T20 players the game has probably ever seen. The thing I’ve always said about Pollard is ‘it doesn’t matter how many you need, if he’s in at the end with three or four overs to go, you can still always win’

Despite being the scalp of Ravichandran Ashwin on a number of occasions, David Warner has hinted that he would still not be afraid to try different things against him and explore his scoring options.

Warner had come into the current series with the strategy of just seeing Ashwin off, but, Ashwin still managed to find holes in his defence. So, in the last innings of the second test match, he threw caution to the wind and tried to get on top of the off spinner.

But, that backfired too as he got out sweeping a slider. Normally when you take both the defensive and attacking options against a certain bowler and neither works, you get a little confused especially if it’s a bowler who has haunted you in the past as well.

But, Warner denies that there is any confusion in his mind as far as facing Ashwin is concerned. As per him, he knew what he was doing in Bengaluru and it was not that he was chancing his arms because he had lost every bit of trust over his defence.